Department of Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics Profile

About the department: Mathematics is deeply rooted in all the sciences and has a leading role in all engineering streams. The Department of Mathematics came into existence way back in 1997 with the inception of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology on the main campus of the University.  The Department has been striving to provide quality technical education with core support to all engineering departments and provides research degrees in mathematics.  At present, six research scholars are registered in the department, and one has been awarded a Ph.D. degree. The Department is a good centre of teaching, learning, and research as many articles by the faculty members have been published in Science Citation Indexed (SCI) and peer-reviewed journals. The Department keeps pace with the advances in technology by providing basic knowledge to the students enrolled in the B. Tech, B. Pharm, MCA, MBA, and Ph.D. programmes. The department usually provides some extra classes to the weaker students. The Department adopts some modern teaching techniques to explain the mathematical concepts geometrically rather than through mathematical equations. Faculty members of the Department have delivered lectures through the online mode during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Some teachers have prepared their video lectures and uploaded them on their own YouTube channel. The Department has a highly qualified teaching faculty from reputed institutes/colleges like IIT Roorkee and MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, and TDPG College, Jaunpur.

Vision of the department

The vision of the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur is as follows:

  • The Department is to be recognised nationally and internationally for its excellence in teaching and research.
  • The department should be remembered for providing excellent mathematical skills to its UG and PG students.
  • The departmental goal is to create a platform for encouraging outcome-based research environments.


Mission of the Department

The mission of the department is as follows:

  • To meet the mathematical needs of the institute and the community.
  • To provide students (UG/PG) with a wide spectrum of valuable courses with rigorous training/tutorials that enables them to pursue their future.
  • Engineers must develop mathematical ideas and apply them to solve complex engineering problems, as well as design mathematical models to meet the requirements.
  • To encourage students and faculty members of the Department to be exposed to different research environments in India and abroad.

Educational Objectives of the Department

The programme prepares students to teach mathematics at a higher education institute while also providing a solid mathematical foundation. The major educational objectives are:

  • Using technology as a significant aid in math learning.
  • To revisit the fundamental concepts and principles of the discipline and strengthen them.
  • To develop an interdisciplinary approach to learning between mathematics and other disciplines.
  • to encourage collaborative learning through group activities, hands-on learning, and concretizing mathematical concepts.
  • To provide motivation and support in research and development.

Outcomes of the Department

The Program Outcomes (POs) of the Department are as follows:

  • To enable students to read and comprehend mathematical and/or statistical research literature.
  • Students will be able to identify and use mathematical, simulation and computational methods to solve comprehensive problems.
  • Students will be able to read and write logical arguments to prove advanced mathematical results.
  • Effective Communication: Students will be able to effectively communicate mathematical concepts, problems, and their solutions in written and oral form.
  • To learn to apply mathematics in real-life situations aiming at service to society.

Department Facilities:  Printers, Computers, Laptop, Water Purifier, Wifi, and LCD Projector, cabins for teachers

Courses to which Department assist: Bachelor of Technology (All Six Branches), B. Pharm, MCA, MBA, M. Tech. and Ph.D. programmes.

Subjects taught:

  1. Tech Odd Semesters

Sem I          Mathematics-I (KAS103) (Common for all branches)

Sem III       Discrete Structures and Theory of Logic (KCS-303) (For CSE and IT)

Sem VII     Operations Research (KOE-075)(For CSE and IT), Fuzzy Logic (KOE-07) (Common for all branches)

  1. Tech Even Semesters

Sem II   Mathematics-II(KAS-203) (Common for all branches)

Sem IV  Mathematics-IV (PDE, Probability & Statistics) –IV (KAS401) (for all branches)

For Pre-Ph. D. course work

Compulsory Papers: MAPCW-101: Research Methodology (Written examination)

CW-102: Computer Applications (Practical Exam.)

CW -103: Research Ethics (Viva voce and Internal Assessment)

Elective Papers:

MAOP-1: Viscous Flow in Porous Media

MAOP-2: Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Similarity Transformations

MAOP-3: Partial Differential Equations

MAOP-4: Fuzzy Theory and Applications

MAOP-6: Differential Geometry

MAOP-7: Riemannian Geometry

Number of teaching posts sanctioned, filled and actual

Designation Sanctioned Filled
Professor NIL NIL
Associate Professors 01 (UP Govt) 01 (Direct Recruitment)
Asst. Professor 01 (UP Govt.)+2 (Univ. Created) 01 (Permanent)+02 (Contract)

Faculty Profile

Dr. Raj Kumar Highest Qualification Ph.D. (Nov 2014)

(Motilal Nehru N I T Allahabad, Prayagraj)

Designation Associate Professor & Head
Date of Joining 18th May 2018 (Associate Professor) and

15th March 2004 (Assistant Professor)

Teaching Experience 18 years
Areas of Interest Differential equations, Fluid Dynamics, Bio-models
No. of Publications 27
Contact Information E-Mail:

Mob. No.:  9451160911

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Scopus ID
Vidwan ID 3484222
AD Scientific ID
Web of Science AGJ-2280-2022
Dr. Sushil Shukla


Highest Qualification Ph.D. (Aug 2007)

(University of Allahabad, Prayagraj)

Designation Assistant Professor
Date of Joining 4th Nov. 2019 (Assistant Professor)
Teaching Experience  2 Years 10 months in VBSPU but total 15 years
Areas of Interest Differential geometry, Operations Research
No. of Publications 27
Contact Information E-Mail:

Mob. No.: 6387987133

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Google Scholar ID
Dr. U.R. Prajapati Highest Qualification Ph.D. (VBS Purvanchal Univ., Jaunpur)
Designation Assistant Professor (on Contract)
Date of Joining 16th Oct. 2000
Teaching Experience 20 Years (In VBS PU)
Areas of Interest Special Functions, Numerical methods.
No. of Publications 6
Contact Information E-Mail:

Mob.No.: 9415898801

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Dr. Nimisha Yadav Highest Qualification Ph.D. (VBS Purvanchal  Univ., Jaunpur)
Designation Assistant Professor (on Contract)
Date of Joining 13th August 2018
Teaching Experience 10 Years (4 years in VBSPU)
Areas of Interest Differential equations, Fluid dynamics
No. of Publications 8
Contact Information E-Mail:

Mob.No.: 8299524266

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Detail of candidates:

Name with Category Year of registration Research Supervisor Mode of Admission Status
*Mr. Avneesh Kumar (UR) 2019 Dr Raj Kumar PUCRET Awarded
*Mr. Ravi Shankar Verma (OBC) 2019 Dr Raj Kumar PUCRET Ongoing
Mr. Kripa Shankar Pandey (UR) 2019 Dr Raj Kumar NET (JRF) Ongoing
Mr. Saurabh Kumar Singh (UR) 2019 Dr Raj Kumar Teaching Faculty (Quota) Ongoing
Mr. Shiv Kumar Yadav (OBC) 2021 Dr Raj Kumar NET (JRF) Ongoing
Mr. Ayush Ojha (UR) 2021 Dr Sushil Shukla PUCRET Ongoing


*2 students are benefited by TEQUIP-III scholarships for four months.

number of research projects ongoing : 01


S. No. Name of the principal Investigator Grant No/Name of the Research Project Name of funding agency Amount/ Fund provided Year of sanction Duration of the project Status (Completed/ Ongoing)
1 Dr Sushil Shukla


78/2022/1984/70-4-2022-003-70-4099/7/022 Dated 24 August 2022/Centre of Excellency in Mathematics Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh 2.9 lacs 2022 1 Year Ongoing


The institution provides seed money to its teachers for research (average per year INR in Lakhs):


S. No. Name of the PI Grant No of the Research Project Name of agency Fund provided Year Duration of the project Status (Completed/ Ongoing)
1 Dr Raj Kumar


133/ Po Uo /IQAC/2022 Dated: 23/03/2022/Minor Research Project VBS PU, Jaunpur 1 lac 2022 1 Year Ongoing
2 Dr Sushil Shukla


133/ Po Uo /IQAC/2022 Dated: 23/03/2022/Minor Research Project VBS PU, Jaunpur 1 lac 2022 1 Year Ongoing


Membership of Editorial boards as Reviewer in SCI Journals:

Dr. Raj Kumar

  1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences (Springer Publisher)
  2. The Asian Journal of Mathematics (A Journal by theInternational Press)
  3. Computers & Mathematics with Applications (Elsevier Publisher)
  4. Physia A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (Elsevier Publisher)
  5. Waves in Random and Complex Media (formerly Waves in Random Media)
  6. Physica Scripta
  7. Nonlinear Dynamics (springer)

Number of papers presented in conferences:

Name National International
Dr Raj Kumar 20 13
Dr Sushil Shukla 13 21
Dr Uday Raj Prajapati 2 0
Dr Nimisha Yadav 2 1

Member of selection boards/ commission

Dr. Raj Kumar

Uttar Pradesh Maadhyamik Shiksha Sewa Chayan Board, Prayagraj & Uttrakhand P.S.C.

Number of Invited Talks:

Name Number
Dr Raj Kumar 11
Dr Sushil Shukla 2

Total number of full time teachers who received awards, recognition, fellowships at State, National, International level from Government/ Govt. recognised bodies:

Name of teachers Year of Award Name of the award, fellowship, received from Government or Government recognised bodies Name of the Awarding Agency
Dr. Raj Kumar 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award 2016 Computers & Mathematics with Applications (Elsevier)
Dr. Raj Kumar 2020 Second Prize on Best poster presentation in International Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science Engineering-2020 during 10-11 Jan. 2020. TEQIP-III
Dr. Raj Kumar 2020 NEP-2020: Semester-5 Course Title: Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness  State Government for designing syllabus of NEP-2020
Dr. Raj Kumar 2022 पर्यावरण प्रहरी सम्मान-2022


भारत विकास परिषद  शाखा, जौनपुर द्वारा

Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), entrepreneurship, skill development etc.

Dr Raj Kumar:

  1. Organizing Secretary, Webinar on “ वर्तमान परिप्रेक्ष्य में गाँधी चिंतन की प्रासंगिकता”, on 25th Aug, 2020 organized by VBSPU,
  2. Convener, International Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy: Challenges and Opportunities, On June 09, 2020 organized by Department of Mathematics and Financial Studies
  3. Member of Organizing Committee of a national webinar on Intellectual Property Rights: Protection of Intellectual Property and Way Forward during22-23 May, 2020 and organized by Intellectual Property Rights Cell, VBS Purvanchal University Jaunpur.
  4. Convener, International Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science Engineering-2020 during 10-11 Jan. 2020 organized by UNSIET
  5. Co-chair, an international conferenceInternational Conference on Ultrasonics and Materials Science for Advanced Technology” (ICUMSAT- 2019) during 16-18 November 2019 and jointly organized by Prof. Rajendra Singh Institute of Engineering of Physical Study and Research, VBS PU Jaunpur and Ultrasonics Society of India, New Delhi, India.
  6. Co- Convener of inaugural ceremony of “कौशल विकास एवं प्रशिक्षण केंद्र” on 16/9/2019.
  7. Co- Convener of one day national seminar on “विश्वविद्यालयीय शिक्षा की स्वायत्तता” on 14 August 2019.
  8. Convener of National seminar entitled “Samsamyik Pridrasya men Ekatm Manavvad” on 22th September, 2018 on the occasion of inaugural day of Pt. Deen Dayal Shodh Peeth and organized by B.S. Purvanchal Univ. Jaunpur.
  9. Convener of a National seminar entitled “Ekatm Manav darshan Ka Yugbodh (एकात्म मानव दर्शन का युगबोध)” on 25th September, 2019 in the campus of V.B.S. Purvanchal Univ. Jaunpur.
  10. Convener of a National workshop entitled “Growth of Science & Technology in the Campus of Purvanchal University (GSTCPU-2017) during 8-10th September, 2017.
  11. Convener of Workshop entitled “Communication Skills” organized by V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur during 17-18th September, 2016 for all students of campus.
  12. Convener of Lecture series entitled “Numerical Techniques and Programming in MATLAB” during 22-28th July, 2016 for UG students.
  13. Convener and Co Convener of ‘National Science Day (NSD-2017-2020)’ organized on the occasion of National Science day 28 Feb. 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  14. Co Convener of “National Youth Day” celebration on 12thJanuary, 2019 on the occasion of 146th Jubilee of Swami Vivekanand in the campus of V.B.S. Purvanchal Univ. Jaunpur.
  15. Co-Convener of “मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान” in the V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur campus on 18th , 2017
  16. Convener of Workshop “Numerical Computation Using MATLAB” during 26-30 November, 2015 for all CSE/IT students of campus.
  17. Convener of Workshop on “Better Engineer” during 10-13 November, 2010.

Dr Sushil Shukla

  1. Member of Organizing Committee of International Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science Engineering-2020 during 10-11 Jan. 2020 organized by UNSIET.
  2. Organizing Secretary of National Conference on Differential Geometry and it’s Applications (DGACON-2018) during 3-5 Aug. 2018 organized by NGBU, Allahabad.
  3. Co Convener of “Symposium on National Mathematics Day” celebration on 22 December 2020, on the occasion of 133th Birth anniversary of Great Indian Mathematician Sriniwas Ramanujan in the campus of V.B.S. Purvanchal Univ. Jaunpur.
  4. Member of Organizing Committee of 7th International Conference of IAPS organized by Department of Mathematics, University of Allahabad, during Dec. 21-23, 2004 .

No. of Courses/Summer Institute/Training programme/FDP attended:

Dr Raj Kumar:                 22

Dr Sushil Shukla:             20

Dr Uday Raj Prajapati:    02

Dr Nimisha Yadav:          05

Membership of Professional Bodies/Societies:

     Dr Raj Kumar:

  • Life Member Ship of Indian Mathematical Society
  • Annual membership of World Physics Association (WPA) From Nov. 2015 to Dec. 2016

     Dr Sushil Shukla:

  • International Academy of Physical Sciences (Member. No. N0962)
  • Indian Mathematical Society
  • International Association of Engineers (Member No. 102242)
  • Indian Science Congress Association (Member No. A2919)

Portfolio of Faculty Members:


Dr Raj Kumar (All positions held in V.B.S.P.U.)

  1. Member, Executive Council from May 2021-May 2022
  2. Incharge, Media Cell, VBS PU Campus from Jan 2020-Oct 2021
  • Member, IPR Cell from March 2019 to April 2022
  1. Nodal officer, Kaushal Vikas & Prashikshan Kendra at campus from last 3 years
  2. Chief Warden from Oct 2017 to Oct 2021.
  3. Member of Academic Council from last five years
  • Head, Department of Mathematics during last 15 yrs (2004-2011, 2014-till date)
  • Coordinator, Purvanchal University Combined admission test (PUCAT)-2019,2016, member PUCAT 2017-18
  1. Assistant Dean of Students Welfare for two Yrs (2014-2016)
  2. Programme Officer: Unit-III of NSS for 2 Yrs (2014-2016)
  3. Convener, Board of Studies, Department of Mathematics during last 13 yrs (2004-2011, 2014-till date)
  • Coordinator, Technical cell (Result preparation cell for the whole campus courses),
  • Coordinator, B. Tech. OBC Scholarship Cell, for 5 yrs (2005-2010)
  • Organizing Secretary, Sports meet of campus from 2017 to July 2020.
  1. Assistant Proctor from last 13 years
  • Member of internal screening committee for regular teacher’s post applications.
  • Dy. Coordinator, UGC Sponsored Remedial Coaching for SC/ST/OBC students, etc. for 2 yrs.
  • Dy. Coordinator, Academic Activities of B. Tech First year from 2014 till date.
  • Coordinator, Internet maintenance committee
  1. Member of E-tendering committee, Infrastructure committee, Auction of disposable materials committee, and some others


Dr Sushil Shukla (prior to VBS PU):

  • Member of Proctorial Board – U.C.E.R. Allahabad
  • Class in Charge- I.I.E.T. Bareilly
  • Dean Academics – C.S.M.C.E.T. Allahabad
  • Class-In Charge- BBDIT Ghaziabad


Participation of students and faculty in extension activities.

  1. Institutional Values: actively participates in, “एक छात्र एक पेड़ अभियान’’ through plantation and caring of plants in VBS PU Campus to upgrade its greenery.

Social Responsibilities:

  1. Setting up a Skill Development & Training Center at the University, we are providing high quality skill training to the youth in Jaunpur and Eastern UP in the trades that are in high demand by industry.  Dr. Raj Kumar (Head of Deptt.) is nodal officer at the center.
  • Tech Students provides fully free teaching to financially poor students from nearby villages of the campus since Feb. 2014. They have initiated a free coaching Institute PRERNA running in a neighboring village of VBS PU Campus. Coaching enriched awareness in nearby villages. More than 1200 students benefited from the coaching. Dr. Raj Kumar (Head of Deptt.) works as a coordinator of the coaching.


Programmes where syllabus revision was carried out during the last five years       

Percentage Program Name Year of offering
10 B. Tech 2018
70 Ph. D Coursework (introduced in 2019) 2019
20 B.Tech 2019


Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been implemented in Ph. D./ B. Tech w. e. f. 2022


Structured feedback for design and review of syllabus – semester wise / year wise is received          Suggestive measures have been taken to improve teaching skills after getting the feedback

Number of full time teachers against sanctioned posts during the year: 100 %

Number of full time teachers with Ph.D. during the year: 100%


E-content is developed by teachers: Teachers are involved in university statutes correction committee


Average percentage of teachers undergoing online/ face-to-face Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) during the last five years:

Dr Raj Kumar:


Name/Nature of the Course Institute and Place Dates/Period
A short Term course  “Research Skills & Methods in Computational Sciences with Engineering Applications ” Applied Sciences & Engg. Mathematics at the QIP Center, IIT Roorkee From 12/06/17 to 16/06/17


A short term course “Scientific Computing and Applications to Industrial Problems.” Department of Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur. From 9/11/18 to 23/11/18


Professional Development Training under TEQIP III IIM Trichy 6th-10th August 2018
Professional Development Training under TEQIP III IIM Indore 11th-15th Dec. 2017
Training Programme on Academic Leadership Centre of Academic Leadership and Education Management, AMU, Aligarh and VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 31th Jan. 2018-3rd Feb. 2018
Training Programme on Academic Leadership Centre of Academic Leadership and Education Management, AMU, Aligarh and VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 26th-29th March 2019
Training Programme on Academic Leadership Centre of Academic Leadership and Education Management, AMU, Aligarh and VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 23th-29th April 2019
National Workshop, “Trends and Challenges in Higher and Technical Education ESCI Haiderabad at Port Blair under the Industry-Institute Interface Programme 19-23th Jan. 2019
Inspire Science Camp 2020 “Innovation in Science Pursuit For Inspired Research.” Department of Science and Technology (DST) GOI at VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 27/0120 to 31/01/20


FDP on Cryptography and Cyber Security Department of CSE & IT Sponsored byTEQIP-III at VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 14/09/19 to 18/09/19
Workshop on “Research Methodology and Ethical Issues in Research.” Sponsored by TEQIP-III at VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 06/09/19 to 07/09/19
Symposium on Collaborative Research PES College of Engineering, Mandya with SPIU Karanataka and in association with SJCE Mysuru, NIE Mysuru and MCE Hassan 19/08/19 to 20/08/19
Online FDP on Mathematica Software- “Hands on Experience: Tools & Techniques for Next Generation” Department of Mathematics, Santhiram Engineering College in association with Wolfram Mathematica, Aaryman Geo Info, Bangalore 28/0/5/20 to 02/06/20
International Webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy: Challenges and Opportunities.” Department of Mathematics and Department of Financial Studies VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. 09/06/20
National Webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights: Protection of Intellectual Property and Way Forward.” Intellectual Property Rights Cell VBS Purvanchal University Jaunpur. 22/05/20 to 23/05/20


Dr Sushil Shukla:

Name/Nature of the Course Institute and Place Dates/Period
International FDP on “Multidisciplinary Research Innovation in Engineering, Science and Technology for Sustainable Development” BIPIN TRIPATHI KUMAON INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY DWARAHAT ALMORA-263653,INDIA October 26-Novbember 07, 2020
Two day national webinar on the General concept of Mathematics and its applications. IQAC and Department of Mathematics, Govt. Mahavidyalaya  Maihar Satna M.P. 19-20 August 2020
International Webinar on “MATHEMATICAL MODELLING IN THE CONTEXT OF COVID-19 AND THE GLOBAL CRISES” Department of Mathematics and IEEE student branch, NIT Agartala, Barjala, Jirania, Tripura-799046, India 12th-14th October,2020
One Day National Webinar on Mathematical Analysis and Probability” Department of Mathematics (UG & PG) in collaboration with IQAC of J.K. College, Purulia 04 /10 / 2020
FDP on “RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES (RDMS)” Department of Mathematics, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi 6th-10th November 2020
International Workshop on “Geometry of Continued Fractions: Ramanujan and his successors” Department of Mathematics, Central University of Himanchal Pradesh September 14-15, 2020
One Week Online International Faculty Development Program on “Mathematical Software Maple with Simulation (MSMS-2021)” Department of Mathematics, G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur in Association with GHR Labs & Research Centre and in collaboration with Maplesoftand Binary Semantics Ltd. India 25-29 October 2021
One Week Online International Faculty Development Program on “Research Tools and Methodology” LIET 27th Sept to 01st October 2021
Webinar “Ozone for Life: जीवन के ͧलएओजोन” Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Professor Rajendra Singh (RajjuBhaiya) Institute of Physical Sciences for Study and Research 16/09/2021
One week Faculty Development Programme on “Software tools for Mathematical Education” Department of Mathematics, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam and Providence College for Women, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India 30th August to 05 September 2021
International Webinar on Fundamental Mathematics Department of Mathematics, School of Basic Sciences, The Assam Kaziranga University 30th August to 1st September, 2021
International 5 Day Virtual Faculty Development Program on “Innovative Research Techniques” Research Committee and IQAC, Loyola Academy 26th to 30th August 2021
One week online National level Faculty Development Program on “ROLE OF MATHEMATICS IN LATEST ENGINEERING TRENDS” Department of Mathematics, under Department of Science and Humanities, Lords institute of engineering and technology 4th June 2021 to 10th June 2021
4-Week Induction/Orientation Programme for “Faculty in Universities/Colleges/Institutes of Higher Education” Department of Mathematics,Ramanujan College April 16 – May 15, 2021
TWO-WEEK REFRESHER COURSE IN “MATHEMATICS” Department of Mathematics,Ramanujan College 16-30 March 2021
TWO-WEEK REFRESHER COURSE IN “MATHEMATICS” UGC-HRDC Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) 16-29 Nov 2021
Workshop on Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling and

Probability & Statistics (WDMMMPS-2022)

Calcutta Mathematical Society, Kolkata,India


14-20 June 2022
One day Faculty Development Program on “Capacity Building Program On Research Methodology”  Internal Quality Assurance cell, LLDIMS, in association with NAAC 28 May 2022
National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC ) Sponsored Two Day State Level Online Workshop on “The Use of ICT enabled tools for Teaching, Learning and Evaluation in Higher Education Institutions” Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Durgapur Government College May 07-08, 2022


International webinar on “Mathematics of Computer Vision”


Department of Mathematics and

Humanities, M. M. (Deemed to be University), Mullana-Ambala, India

April 28, 2022
National Workshop On

Ancient Indian Mathematics”


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Central University of

Punjab, Bathinda

March 14-16, 2022
Chaired a Session in the 4th International Conference on Frontiers in Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Department of Mathematics, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Longowal 21-22 December 2021


Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens. (Describe the various activities in the Institution for inculcating values for being responsible citizens as reflected in the Constitution of India)

During lecture classes, students are instilled with moral values, ethics, and a sense of responsibility to the constitution as citizens of the country.

Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative

days, events and festivals (Describe the efforts of the Institution in celebrating /organizing national and international commemorative days, events and festivals during the last five years)

Response: The department put their own efforts into celebrating  national science day (on the occasion of National Science day 28 Feb. 2017, 2018, 2029, 2020), Engineers Day and Mathematics Day in collaboration with other departments in commemorating these historical days.

Science Day Celebration

Science Day is celebrated in the Country commemorating the day of discovery the “RAMAN EFFECT” on Feb. 28, 1928. All through the years we have celebrated Science Day spanning over two days each year. With the TEQIP grant available in hand, Science Day is celebrated in the big way in the University. The event is celebrated with number of activities for the Students. Rangoli Competition, Science Quiz, Poster & amp; Extempore Competition on National Science Day and Science Exhibition on the same theme in which all of the Students participated.

The best performance in each activity is suitably awarded. Every year we bring a Souvenir. In addition experts talk on relevant subject is organised for the benefit and inspiration of students and teachers.

In year 2018, Prof. Laxmi Narayan Hazra an emeritus Professor of Applied Optics; Photonics, University of Culcutta; Prof. V A Tabhaney, University of Pune and Dr. P K Mishra, former GM, ONGC, Dehradun gave experts talk in their Specialisation. In 2018 Science Day was celebrating in advance on 26 to 27 Feb. 2018.

In year 2019, all those events were again organised by Students and Souvenir was brought. Expert’s talks were delivered by Shri K N Pandey, DRDO Kanpur, Dr. V A Tabhaney and Dr. Kailash from Hamirpur.

In year 2020, a Celebration was again organised in which together with the activity for the Students, Experts talk were given by Prof. Hari Prakash and Prof. Ranjana Prakash both from the University of Allhabad, Allahabad.

Engineer’s Day Celebration

Engineer’s Day is celebrated on Spt. 15 every year in the Country to commemorating the birth of

Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. We celebrate this day every year in the University for the Inspiration to build our engineers. All the events for Students are centred upon the theme of the  Engineer’s day that year.

In 2018 Engineer’s Day was celebrated in which Students participated very enthusiastically.

Prof. Shekhar Verma from IIIT Allahabad and Prof. Rajeev Tripathi, Director MNNIT Allahabad delivered their lectures which were very enthusiastically attended by students and faculty in Sanghosti Bhavan.

In year 2019, our eminent guests were Shri R K Upadhyay Former CMD BSNL India, Prof. Arvind Kulkarni from Dharwad and Shri Girish Narayan Pandey, former Principle Chief Commissioner Income-Tax. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Raja Ram Yadav also graced the occasion.

Future plans of the department:

  1. Overall development of our campus
  2. Department has planned to apply UP/AICTE/DST/SERB funded major research project to create research environment in engineering