e-content 2020

Please see the e-content of various Departments:

Department Professor’s Name e-content
Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering
Md. Rehan  e-content
Shashank Dubey e-content , details
Himanshu Tiwari e-contentDetails
Hemant Kumar Singh e-contentDetails
Deep Prakash Singh e-contentDetails
Naveen Chaurasia e-content
Subodh Kumar e-contentDetails
Ankush Gaurav e-content
Electronics and Communication  Engineering
Md Anees e-content
Tushar Srivastava e-content
Parul Trivedi e-content
Poonam Sonkar e-content
 Preeti Sharma  e-content
Jyoti Prashant Singh e-content
Deepak Kumar Singh Details
Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering
B.B.Tiwari e-content
 Ravi Prakash  e-content
 Shailesh Prajapati   e-content
 Praveen Singh  e-content 
 P C Yadav  e-content
 Ajay Kumar Maurya  e-content 
 Vishal Yadav  e-content 
 Sudhir Singh  e-content 
 Ritesh Baranwal  e-content 
Computer Science  Engineering
Deepti Pandey e-content, Details
Dileep Yadav e-content, Details
Pravin Pandey e-contentDetailspdf1, pdf2
Sunil Yadav e-content, Details
Ravi Kant Yadav e-contentDetailspdf1, pdf2
Krishna Yadav Details
Divyendu Mishra Details
Information Technology Department
Purnendra Srivastava e-content,Details
 Ashok Yadav  e-contentDetails
Ritesh Srivastava e-contentDetails
Santosh Yadav e-contentDetails
Gyanendra Pal e-content, Details
Manoj Yadav e-content
Humanities Department
Kamalesh Pal e-content
Sonee Yadav e-content
Mahendra Pratap Yadav   e-content
Mathematics Department
Raj Kumar Soni e-content
 Physics Department
 Santosh Kumar  e-content
Chemistry Department
Chemistry Department e-content
Master in Computer Application  Sanjeev Gangwar e-content, Details
Institute of Business Management
 Master In Business Administration Murad Ali e-content1, e-content 2020-21
Faculty Building
Master In Mass Communication
Manoj Mishra e-content
Sunil Kumar e-content
Awadh Bihari Singh e-content
Chandan Singh e-content
Rajju Bhaia Institute of Physical Science for Study and Research
Rajju Bhaia Institute of Physical Science
Nitesh Jaiswal e-contentlink
Chemistry Department
Ajeet Singh Details
Earth And Planatary Science
Neeraj Awasthi e-content
Pharmacy Department
Dharmendra Singh e-content, link1ppt1, ppt2, ppt3,

link2, link3ppt4, ppt5

 Alok Dash  e-contentlink,ppt1ppt2
Puja e-contentlink
Jhansee Mishra e-contentpdf1pdf2pdf3
Nripendra Singh e-content
Surendra Singh e-content
Vinay Verma e-content