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Central Library | Official Website of Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, UP, India

Central Library

Established in 1999, Central Library is one of the largest repository of information in Uttar Pradesh to provide quality services to its students, research scholars, teachers and staffs. It shifted at newly three storied impressive modern library building with the name of Vivekanand Central Library in the year 2004 which was inaugurated by Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the then Vice-President of India. In 2016, the Central Library has been awarded as a “Centre of Excellence” by Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. The Library premises are under CCTV surveillance to control unethical incidents. Library has Wi Fi connectivity to provide Internet as well as eResource facilities to its users even after closing the library. Now the Library is working with SOUL software package for its in-house job like circulation, serial control, cataloguing, OPAC/Web OPAC etc. The library has more than 150 sitting capacity.

It has an Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Laboratory (ETD Lab) to digitize and upload of awarded Ph.D Thesis of our university in Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian thesis. It has also an  eLibrary, containing 20 computers with 1 GBPS BSNL leased line Internet connectivity to access 28000 + e-resources including e-journals, e-books, e-databases, e-contents, e-thesis purchased and subscribed by university along with INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar with many more Open Access e-resources.

It has also a Book Bank section to provide the complete set of text books for every students for all semesters.

We have a research carrel section means lockable study cabins for researchers. Researchers who need to be close to library resources, or those who need a separate work space, may request a carrel for reading and writing purpose. 

Collection of eResources-2022 All eBooks, eJournals, eDatabase and eArchives are IP based and accessible in university campus. E-Resources

S.N. Publisher Subject Collection Title URL
01 Elsevier Science Direct Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical Engg, Comp Sc, Pharma Sc. Biochem, Genetics, Mol Bio, Microbiology, Immunology,  Finance, Psychology, Chem, 982
02 Taylor & Frances Computer Sc & Pharmaceutical Sc, Bus Mgmt, HRD, Finance, Economics, 1047
03 Willey Electrical, Electronics Engg & Psychology 236
04 Bibliotex Business & Mgmt, Computer Sc, Jour & Mass  Communication 278
05 World Technologies Business  Mgmt & Economics and Engg & Tech, Zoo, Chem, Phy, Jour & Mass Comm, Law   2215
06 McGraw-Hill Comp Sc  & IT, Biotech, Mass Comm
Management, Economics, Finance, Business Skills, Operation Mgmt,  Biology, Environmental Sc. Bio Engineering, Mass Comm, Electronic & Comm Engg, Electrical Engg, Mechanical Engg, Core Engg, Communication Engg, Energy, Industrial  Engg,  Comp Sc  & IT, Biotech, Mass Communication
07 Springer Nature  Biomedical and  Life Science, Business & Management,  Engg Sc. & Tech., Comp Sc., Pharmacy, Earth & Env Sc,  Behavioral Sc, Economics,  Social Sc, Psychology and Humanities 11370
08 Sage Publishing Media & Comm, Psychology,  Business & Management, IR, and Sociology 915
09 World Scientific Economics & Finance 90
10 Cambridge Management & Econ, Biotechnology, Environmental Sc. 92
11 Packt Publishing Computer Sc 229
12 CBS Engineering &  Pharmacy 180
13 New Age Electrical Engg & Management 112
14 Himalaya Management, HRD, Economics and Finance,  Psychology 292
15 Kopykitab Competitive Examination 871
16 IOP Publishing Physics  100
17 Pearson India Bio Sciences,  Business Economics,  eCommerce, HRD, Strategic Management, Journalism, Mass Comm, Photography,  Engg Sc. & Tech., Chemistry, Physics, Comp Sc., Pharmacy, Earth & EnvSc, Psychology 1837
18 Enc Britanica Literature, Social Sc., Political Sc. And History 94
19 World eBook Library All Subjects 3 Millions
20 NDL Sc., Social Sc. and Humanities 7,00,000
eJournals: 3768
21 IEEE Engineering & Computer Sc 206
22 Nature Applied Bio Sciences & Pharmacy 08
23 Springer Nature Biosciences Journals 1728  
24 Sage Management & Research Methodology 149
25 Emerald Publish Management  and Psychology 175
26 Cambridge Biotechnology, Environmental Sc,  Management & Economics 18
27 Diva Enterprises App Sc & Tech, Bus Eco & Mgmt, Pharmacy, App Bio Sc. 129
28 Taylor & Frances Physics, Chemistry,  Mathematics 171
29 Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry  46
30 Elsevier
Science Direct
Biochem, Genetics &  Mol Bio, Chemistry, Physics, Material Sc, Energy, Earth & Planetary Sc, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sc 1062
31 IOP Publishing Physics  76
32 EBSCO Management, Jour & Mass Com 3696
33 Eastern Book Co. Law (SCC Online Web Ed- Platinum) 8
34 J-Gate Plus JCCC All Subjects 7900+
35  ISID Management, Psychology 125
36 McGraw-Hill Access Engg Engineering 0
Sodhganga eThesis:8392
37 Sodhganga All Subjects 8392
e Shodhsindhu
38 Shodhsindhu All Subjects
39 South Asia Archives   4.5 Millis Pgs.
Sections of Library Important services Collection at a Glance eResources Collection Library Hours
  • eLibrary
  • Digital Library
  • Book Stacks Section
  • New Arrival Section
  • Periodical Section
  • Reference Section
  • ETD Lab
  • Research Carrel Section
  • Book Bank Section
  • Question Bank Section
  • Acquisition Section
  • Processing Section
  • Audio-visual Section
  • Photocopy Section
  •  Free Lounge Area
  • Orientation Service
  • OPAC/Web OPAC Service
  • Internet & Wi- Fi Service
  • Federated Searching
  • Eazy Proxy Remote Access
  • Press Clippings Service
  • Photostat / Print out Service
  • Book Reservation Service
  • Inter Library Loan Service (within Campus)
  • Free Lounge Service
  • Information Notification Service
  • The present Library print stock comprises
  • Books                                      196119
  • Journals and magazines            168
  • Back volumes of journals                  1310
  • Ph.D Thesis                                       8648
  • CD/DVD                                 1279
  • English and Hindi Newspapers 12
  • Govt. publications                    217
  • Press clippings of university’s news since 2008
  • University adding eResource collection since 2012
  • eBooks        21807
  • eJournals     3768
  • eDatabase    05
  • eArchives    01
  • eThesis       8655
  • On working days:        09 AM - 06 PM
  • On holidays:                 10 AM - 02 PM
  • Before examination:    09 AM - 06 PM

Library Hours
On working days :        09 AM - 06 PM
On holidays:                 10 AM - 02 PM
Before examination:    09 AM - 06 PM
Librarian(Honorary) : Prof. Manas Pandey

Contact Person
Dr. Bidyut K. Mal
Mob. No. 9415372840
E-mail id:


S.N. Title
Question Bank
Requisition form for the purchase of book in the library [143 KB] Language : English
Faculty Membership Form [124 KB] Language : English
Library Membership Form [5 KB] Language : English
Book_Bank_Form [25.5 KB] Language : English
List of Subscribed e-journals [140 KB] Language : English
List of e-Resources-2019 [140 KB] Language : English
Emerald eJournals for Management & Psychology [205 KB] Language : English
Pearson eBook titles for Engineering [162 KB] Language : English
Pearson eBook titles for Humanities [83 KB] Language : English
Pearson eBook titles for Management [226 KB] Language : English
Pearson eBook titles for Photography [84 KB] Language : English
Springer eBook titles for Engineering [550 KB] Language : English
Springer eBook titles for Pharmacy & Life Science [194 KB] Language : English
Springer eJournals for Life sc, Engg, chem, Biotec [189 KB] Language : English
Web OPAC LINK(search print book collection) [140 KB] Language : English
Shodhganga [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals (Management, HRM, Economics, Finance, Psychology) [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals(Research methodology, Management) [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals(Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Communication Engg, CS & IT, Bio Engineering, Science, Environmental, Business Skills, Operation Mgmt) [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals(Management) [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals(Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Physics, Pharmacy, Management, Computer, Biotechnology, Biochemistry) For National Journals [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals(Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Physics, Pharmacy, Management, Computer, Biotechnology, Biochemistry) For International Journals [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals(Applied Sciences & Technology, Business Economics & Management, Social Sc., Pharmacy, Applied Bio Sciences) [0 KB] Language : English
eJournals (Life Sc, Pharmacy, Biomedical, Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Ecology, Plant Sc, AnnimalSc and EnggSc) [0 KB] Language : English
eDatabase(Social Sc.& Management Sc.) [0 KB] Language : English
eDatabase(All subjects) [0 KB] Language : English
e-Resource    [493 KB] Language : English