Faculty of Education New Syllabus

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B.Ed. Syllabus
M.Ed. Syllabus

B. A. English


B.A. Ecomomics


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Ancient-History B.A.-Ancient-History
Geography B.A., B.Sc.-Geography
Psychology B.A.B.Sc.-Psychology
Psychology B.A-B.Sc.-III Psychology
B.Ed. B.Ed.
B.Com. B.Com.
English M. A. English
Physics B.Sc.-Physics
Sanskrit M.A. Sanskrit.
M.Com. M.Com.
History(Medieval and Modern History) B. A.-History
Sanskrit B.A Sanskrit.
English  B.A. English
Music B.A.-Music.
Education  B.A. Education
Ecomomics  B.A. Economics
Sociology B.A.-Sociology
Political Science B.A.-Political Science
Hindi B.A.-Hindi
Mathematics B.Sc. Mathematics
Chemistry B.Sc.-Chemistry
Hindi  M.A. Hindi
Letter Letter
urdu B.A. urdu

B.A. Urdu(New Syllabus)

Agricultural Chemistry M.Sc. Agricultural Chemistry
Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics

Zoology [PG]

MSc-Ag- Agriculture Economics

 M.Sc.-Ag- Economics

 M.Sc. Ag Economics

Faculty of Agriculture

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Agriculture Botany BSc-Ag-I Year
Agriculture Chemistry BSc-Ag-II Year
Agriculture Zoology and Entomology BSc-Ag-III Year
Agriculture Economics BSc-Ag-IV Year
Agriculture Extension MSc-Ag-Agronomy
Horticulture MSc-Ag-Horticulture
Plant Pathology MSc-Ag-Zoology & Entomology
Animal husbandry and Dairy MSc-Ag-Chemistry
Soil Conservation
Agriculture Engineering MSc-Ag- Plant Pathology
MSc-Ag-Genetics & Plant Breeding
Genetics and Plant Bidding

Faculty of Arts

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Sanskrit and Prakrit Language Hindi
Hindi and Modern Indian Language Sanskrit [UG & PG]
Arbi, Farsi and Urdu Urdu
English and Modern European Language English [UG & PG]
Philosophy Psychology [UG & PG]
Psychology Economics [PG]
Education Economics [UG]
Economics Political Science [UG & PG]
Political Science History [PG]
Anthropology Education UG
Ancient History, Archeology and Culture Education PG
Medieval and Modern History Sociology [PG]
Social Science Sociology [UG]
Geography Music [UG]
Art and Music
Library Science
Social Work

Faculty of Commerce

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Commerce [UG]  

Commerce PG

Faculty of Education

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Psychology B.Ed & M.Ed
Fine Arts

Faculty of Law

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Faculty of Science

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Physics M.Sc. Physics [Prev]
M.Sc. Physics [Final]
Physics Physics [UG]
Chemistry Chemistry [UG & PG]
Botany Botany [PG & UG]

Botany Practical Examination Guidelines

Home Science
Military Science Military Science [UG & PG]
Defiance Study
Zoology Zoology [UG]
Computer Science
Food and Nutrition
Industrial Fishery and Fisheries
Industrial Chemistry
Silk and worm culture
Physical Education, Health Education and Sports
Environmental Science
Applied Microbiology
Applied biochemistry

Faculty of Medicine

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