Residential Facilities for students

The university campus offers residential facilities to the students admitted for the above courses running in the campus. There are separate boys and girls hostel with fixed capacity to accommodate these students.
Boy’s Hostel: Four separate buildings of Boys hostel are available for the male students. Each room is two seated with cot, cupboard, study table and chair available for each student. It has all the infrastructure facilities, students’ mess, dining hall, recreation room, study room, internet facility, gymnasium hall and badminton court, etc. Hostel Warden Office is inside the hostel building to manage hostel activities.
Girls Hostel: Two separate buildings of Girls’ hostel are available for female students. Each room is two/three seated with cot, cupboard, study table and chair available for each student. The hostels are well equipped with internet facility in each room, sports equipments, recreation room which helps all around development of the boarders. The hostels has essential infrastructural facilities, like, students’ mess, dining hall, gymnasium hall, Common room etc.. Warden office is inside the hostel building.


Hostel Fees

A. Annual Hostel fees (To be deposited in the Punjab National Bank (Account no.


Hostel Room Rent @ 400/month Rs. 4800
Electric Charges @ 200/month Rs. 2400
Total Rs.7200

B. Annual Fee for Maintenance & Development

[To be deposited in the Oriental Bank of Commerce (Account No.52342151006405)]

Hostel Development Fund Rs. 1800
Identity Card Rs. 50
Utensils Rs. 300
Furniture Rs. 200
Tube light (Replacement) & Fan Repairing Rs. 300
 Internet Maintenance Rs. 350
Total Rs. 3000
 Hostel Caution Money (Refundable)

(At the time of new admission & to be deposited in OBC A/C No 52342151006405)

Rs. 1000
Total for first time admission in hostel Rs. 4000

C. Mess & Other Charges (For 10 months)

(To be deposited in the respective Hostel Account) ⃰

Hostel Admission Fee Rs. 200
Food @ 2700/month Rs. 27000
Generator Diesel @400/month Rs. 4000
Ward boy /Security guard @ 400/month Rs. 4000
Water Charges (Maintenance of Acquagaurd,Water Cooler, Cleaning Of Water Tank etc.) 120/month Rs. 1200
Common Room Rs. 200
Sanitation Rs. 200
Total Rs. 36800


Rs. 48000

Chief Warden

⃰ Hostel Accounts;

Vishwakarma Hostel             (Oriental Bank of Commerce Account No.52342010003070)

CharakHostel              (Oriental Bank of Commerce Account No. 52342011005760)

Dr. C. V. Raman Hostel            (Oriental Bank of Commerce Account No. 52342041000339)

Meerabai Hostel                       (Oriental Bank of Commerce Account No.52342011006293)

Draupadi Hostel                       (Oriental Bank of Commerce Account No.52342010009120)

B. Tech Hostels