Details of University Degree

Institute of Business Management New Syllabus

Departments Syllabus: PDFDownload
MBA(Finance and Control) Syllabus MBA(F&C) , Syllabus(2020-21)
MBA(Human Resource and Development) Syllabus 20-21 onwards MBA(HRD)
MBA Syllabus 19-20 onwards MBA
MBA(Agri-Business) Syllabus 19-20 onwards MBA(Agri-Business)
MBA(E-Commerce) Syllabus 19-20 onwards MBA(E-Commerce)
Ph.D. in Business Management Syllabus 19-20 onwards Ph.D. in Business Management
MA in Mass Communication Syllabus MA(Mass Comm.)
MBA in Business Economics Syllabus MBA(Business Economics)
BBA Syllabus 19-20 onwards  BBA

Faculty of Physical Education New Syllabus

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B. P.Ed. Syllabus (theory),  syllabus(practical)Scheme
Physical Education, Health Education And Sports  Syllabus B.A. / B.Sc
Physical Education, Health Education, and Sports B.A./B.Sc.-3rd year updated on 09/02/2021


Faculty of Library And Information Science Syllabus

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B. Lib. Syllabus

Faculty of Law Syllabus

Departments Syllabus: PDFDownload
L.L.M. Syllabus

Faculty of Education New Syllabus

Departments Syllabus: PDFDownload
B.Ed. Syllabus
M.Ed. Syllabus

Faculty of Arts

Departments Syllabus: PDFDownload
Ancient-History B.A.-Ancient-HistoryPaper 3
Arebic M.A. – Arabic
Geography B.A., B.Sc.-GeographyM.A. Geography
Psychology M.A-PsychologyB.A-B.Sc.- Psychology
Psychology Pre- Ph.D. Course Work  w.e.f Dec. 2020 updated 09/02/2021
B.Com. B.Com.
English M. A. English
Physics B.Sc.-Physics
M.Com. M.Com.
History(Medieval and Modern History) B. A.-History
Sanskrit B.A SanskritMA Sanskrit
English  B.A. English
Music B.A.-Music. , M.A. Music(new syllabus 2018-2020)
Education  B.A. EducationM.A. Education
Ecomomics  B.A. Economics
Sociology B.A.-SociologyB.A III PAPER III
Advertising and Public Relations B.A. III- Paper III
Political Science B.A.-Political Science
Hindi B.A.-HindiB.A. Ist Year- Hindi SahityaB.A. II new
Hindi Hind Sahitya (B.A. III Year) wef from 2020-21 uploaded on 30/01.2021
Mathematics B.Sc/B.A. Mathematics, M.Sc/M.A. Mathematics
Statistics B.A/B.Sc Statistics
Chemistry B.Sc.-Chemistry
Hindi  M.A. HindiM.A. I HindiM.A. II new
Letter Letter
 Home Science  B.A. (Home Science) , M.A. (home science)
Urdu B.A. urduB.A. Urdu(New Syllabus), M.A(P) & M.A. (F)
Agricultural Chemistry M.Sc. Agricultural Chemistry
Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics
Computer Application B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Computer Application)
Computer Science B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Faculty of Agriculture

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Agriculture Botany BSc-Ag-I YearB.Sc Ag (hons)new
Agriculture Chemistry BSc-Ag-II Year
Agriculture Zoology and Entomology BSc-Ag-III Year
Agriculture Economics BSc-Ag-IV Year
Agriculture Extension MSc-Ag-Agronomy
Horticulture MSc-Ag-Horticulture
Plant Pathology MSc-Ag-Plant Pathology
Animal husbandry and Dairy MSc-Ag-Animal Husbandry and dairy
Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry  M,Sc-Ag (Soil Sci and Agri chem)
Agriculture Engineering MSc-Ag- Plant Pathology
MSc-Ag-Genetics & Plant Breeding MSc-Ag genetics and plant breeding
Agriculture Extention course structure MSC- ag Extension course
Agriculture and Antomology  M.Sc. -Ag (agr and antomology)
Agiculture Economics MSc -Ag (agri eco)
B.Sc. (Hons.)-Agriculture w.e.f. 2019- 2020 Download updated on 07/01/2021
CREDIT BASED SEMESTER SYSTEM syllabus for M. Sc.(Ag.) w.e.f. 2019- 2020 Download updated on 07/01/2021

Faculty of Commerce

Departments Syllabus: PDF Download
B.Com Commerce [UG]  
M.Com Commerce PG

Faculty of Science

Departments Syllabus: PDF Download
Physics M.Sc.  [Prev]MSc Final year,BSc Physics
Botany Botany [UG]Botany[PG]Botany Practical Examination Guidelines
Industrial Chemistry  UG SyllabusP.G. Syllabus
Military Science

B.A.military science Military Science [UG & PG]

Defence Study
Zoology Zoology [UG]Zoology(PG),zoology(2020-21)(PG)
Environmental Sciences Master’s Degree course in Environmental Sciences
Environmental Science Course work for Ph. D. Programme in Environmental Science